If you want to learn a few things about pest control and mitigation, then you can attend this event by grabbing your ticket.

#1. VIP class


This is for those who would like to get special treatment to ensure that they get extraordinary services. Here, people come in to private talks with the experts to ensure that they learn a few skills. You get front seats and you are able to ensure that you hear word after word. In the VIP category, you can raise your questions and they will all be answered to your satisfaction. This one goes for only $300

#2. Normal attendance


This is for all the people who want to attend. All you need is to carry your notebook and a pen or you could take notes using your electronics like phones. Many people tend to record the talks and ensure that they listen to them later. To ensure that you have a perfect way of bringing all the points taught during the event, you can buy the CD that is normally sold after the event is over. It contains everything that has been taught in the event and you always have the autonomy to watch it at your own time.

If you want the tickets, you can visit our offices or just ensure that you order online from our website. All terms and conditions apply so there is no place where you can be oppressed. Just choose the category of ticket you want and it will be processed.